Beijing Gets Futuristic Mall from SKP

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SKP South, in Beijing is a mall that is the outcome of a collaboration between Korean eyewear retailer and brand Gentle Monster and SKP, the owner of the luxury mall that is directly across the street from this new addition.

It is billed as an alternative take on the traditional shopping mall and with brands such as Moncler, Balenciaga and Diesel (as well as Gentle Monster!), the promise of the futuristic exterior is made good when the shopper ventures inside.

Given the diversity of what is on offer, in terms of design, it is hard to tie-down the essence of this three-floor enterprise, but this does not mean that it is without an informing logic. Instead, the best word that might be applied to what has been done is ‘surprise’ with something different at almost every turn.
When it comes to design, Beijing is frequently in the shadow of Shanghai, but SKP South shows that it can still lead.