Beijing goes the Valextra Mile

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Valextra, the Italian leather accessories and luggage brand, has opened a store in Beijing that should have shoppers heading in as much for the store design as for the stock it houses.

The label already has Chinese stores in Chengdu and Shanghai and the new store is located at the open-air Taikoo Li Sanlitun shopping centre with a large glass façade and a ceiling that allows a large amount of daylight to penetrate the interior.

The store is the work of London-based Italian designer Martino Gamper and one of the store’s more impressive elements is the mid-shop display equipment, consisting of suspended shelves, on which the Valextra handbag ranged is showcased. All of this is coupled with a soft pastel palette in which peach and an ochre yellow are the highlight colours.

And as is increasingly the case in most high-end stores, rest and relaxation plays its part with an area that has a plush green sofa and a matching geometric coffee table.

China, Korea and Japan continue to be the countries of choice for top-end brands and the new Valextra store shows just how important East Asia continues to be for those in the business of selling luxury.