Berdoulat harks back to times past, Bath.

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If you think of a French café of the kind featured in old films featuring men in berets with strings of onions around their necks, you might be imagining the Berdoulat café. This is a café-cum-books, wine and furniture store in which the café part has just opened and whose principal feature is the use that has been made of antique furniture as the major element of the fit-out.

This place is part vintage apothecary, part general store, in terms of look and feel and for those wishing to be part of the Georgian city’s street scene, there are tables and chairs outside. Just as important these days is the product itself. In this instance both the coffee and the baked products are provided by the Rye Bakery, in nearby Frome, which really is the genuine artisanal thing.

Berdoulat is not the sort of thing that would be readily replicated, there are too many one-offs for that to be possible, but it is a model for upscale delis and supermarkets that want to hark back towards times past.


Pics: Berdoulat