Berlin makeover for Adidas Originals

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The first ever Adidas Originals store was in Berlin, in fashionable Mitte and just on the fringes of what was East Berlin. Now the store has been given a root and branch makeover and while the usual raw concrete and industrial ambiance remain, this is a space that has been repurposed to appeal to the local demographic.

Or put another way, this will be the setting for ‘hyper-local’ launches (presumably the well-heeled crowd found in this part of the German capital) and it is to be expected that excitement will be generated by a series of one-offs and events that are appropriate to the area.

The store itself has everything from a table tennis table to pictures of women in exotic locations (the message seems to be one of diversity).

Berlin’s reputation as a creative hub is given a shot in the arm by this refurbishment.