Big Apple Standout from Timothy Oulton

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Timothy Oulton, the upscale British furniture designer, has opened a store in New York’s Flatiron district, in midtown Manhattan.

The store is actually in part of a former Lord & Taylor department store building and the Union flag that flies outside is a statement of intent in the heart of the Big Apple. That said, within this is an homage to Americana with the standout feature being a scale model of the Nasa Apollo 11 command module, from which the lunar landing was launched and controlled.

The difference is that this one is chromed and instead of some clunky ‘60s tech and men in bulky white suits, the interior is a thing of velvet banquettes on which shoppers can pose and sip champagne. The rest of the store is an exercise in only semi-restrained bling (in a good way), with crystal lights overhead throughout and a long moonstone bar to relax at when the shopping’s done.

There are 46 other Timothy Oulton stores across the globe and like its sisters, this one is a real showstopper.

Pics: Ola Wilk