Big Book’s Big Success

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Bookstores for kids should be fun, yet for a lot of booksellers this translates as some brightly-coloured chairs that are smaller than most adults would want to sit on and perhaps a wooden puzzle or two.

Whether this is enough to engage any child is a moot point, but perhaps with this in mind ‘Big Book’, a bookshop in Odessa, Ukraine, takes as its starting point a white metal tree, in a distinct break from the norm.

The rest of the interior, designed by JK Lab Architects, follows suit with white being the dominant colour, a palette that would usually be the preserve of the minimalist crowd. In fariness, there is some accent colour with pink being used for some of the perimeter shelving and the mid-shop furniture being in a variety of colours, but overall the impression is stark when compared with efforts of others.

What this does succeed in doing is making the books the star of the show, which is rather the point for those developing a passion for reading.