Bio Carrefour arrives in Poland

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How important is it to shop ethically and sustainably for food? To judge by the spread of Bio Carrefour, the chain of food shops from the eponymous French retail giant, consumers seems to think it matters.

Having opened stores in France, Spain and Belgium, the latest country in which Bio makes landfall is Poland, in Warsaw, where a Bio outpost welcomed its first shoppers last week. This one ticks all of the boxes. The display equipment is clad in wood and the fresh produce is, for the most part, unpackaged. The lighting is at a lower level than in most supermarkets and is provided by spot and pendant lights, rather than the usual neon strips, meaning lower energy usage.

All this and it manages to keep pricing under control with levels being broadly comparable to those found in standard supermarkets. Practically, this puts organic products within the reach of the masses, rather than those who can afford them. And it happens to look pretty good as well.