Blowing Up Retail

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Seoul is the location of a pop-up that currently stands apart from others thanks to the fact that the temporary store in question is actually a mix of standard structure and inflatables. This is the Bottega Veneta blow-up store, opened to launch a new collection from the brand and it is positioned next to the label’s flagship store in the South Korean capital.

Shiny and reflective, this is a pop-up/blow-up that might bring to mind those silver helium balloons that tend to be a feature of kid’s parties. Within, however, this is a pretty grown-up environment with inflatable silver displays and seating and even a freestanding perimeter wall in the same material. The latter has a niche as part of it and this is used to good effect as a home for a Bottega Veneta bag.

Worth noting too is the fact that as well as being next to the brand’s principal store in the country, it is sheltered from the elements by being under the canopy of the Hyundai Card Music Library, which should help to ensure a steady flow of shoppers for the pop-up.