Boots combines two worlds in Covent Garden

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Knowing which way pharmacy and drugstore design is headed is a tricky one currently as there are shoppers who favour the clinical approach where the ambiance is similar to that of a medical facility, while conversely there is the ‘wellness’ crowd who want something ‘warmer’.

In the UK Boots unveils its solution to this one in London’s Covent Garden this morning with a ‘store of the future’ whose first floor is divided into two parts. The first is a white and highly efficient space for the pharmacy and optician area, given added impetus by natural daylight, while the second is a ‘wellness’ area. The latter has spot lighting, rather than the strip lighting of the other part of the floor and parts of this area also benefit from a backlit perimeter wall. In effect, this is a meeting of two very different worlds and a compromise on a single floor.

Downstairs is the beauty department, which looks for all the world like a department store, rather than a drugstore.

All of which may not sound like a radical departure, but it is the manner in which the contrasting approaches are handled that sets this one apart.