Both Edgy and Slick, in Tokyo

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Paris-based sneaker brand Both has opened a standalone store in Tokyo that looks a little like an updated set from cult film Bladerunner with a heavily industrial interior that uses building and construction elements to get its message across.

Practically, this means brick a long brick wall with a plain wood grid in front of it that is home to some of the collection, while in the mid-shop, sleek, backlit glass and steel screens serve to offer an engaging, but neutral platform for more footwear. All this and a large screen towards the rear of the space, draws the eye through the length of this moodily-lit environment.

And there is an inside out sense about the storefront with the wood of the interior grid being seemingly extended and used to frame the window and store entrance. Selling sneakers must be one of the most hotly contested retail arenas in which to operate currently and this store, designed by the brand’s artistic director Nicholas Santos, looks to be in the vanguard.