‘Bowling’ Them Over at Selfridges

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Skateparks are places where those with skateboards head off to do their thing and impress their peers. There are, however, exceptions and yesterday one of these welcomed its first ‘boarders’ on the first floor of Selfridges in London.

The Bowl’ is a fully functional banked skatepark fashioned from wood at the back of the newly launched ‘Designer Street Room’ in the department store. It faces the street, which means a lot of natural daylight and on launch day there were plenty of young males clutching skateboards showing off their moves.

More seriously, this is about creating an experience for those intent on buying clothing that comes at a (high) price and which will encourage greater dwell time and, to an extent, enjoyment. It is absolutely worth commenting on the department itself, which features a Selfridges liveried Land Rover in its middle and a mid-shop display package consisting of suspended rails in matt metal.

Overall, the fit-out is muted, allowing the product to speak for itself. Selfridges has once again proved itself capable of capturing the zeitgeist.