B&Q Unveils Its Latest Small Format DIY Thinking

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One of the features of DIY almost anywhere the shopper is likely to encounter it is the fact that when it comes to the mass market, it’s a matter of edge-ot-town and big, or very big, box. Practically, for years this has meant that ‘home improvement’ involves driving to the urban periphery to take a walk around a retail shed.

Yet things are changing and the largest UK DIY retailer, B&Q, has been trying since around 2017 (when it opened a smaller format store on London’s Holloway Road) to come up with a form of DIY retail that will cater for the city-dweller who has neither the time nor the inclination to head off to the edge of the metropolis.

And the latest evidence of this impulse can be found in North London’s Wood Green where B&Q has opened a store measuring just 5,000 sq ft which includes a ‘planning studio’, a click & collect area, and a lot of merchandise, around 20,000 SKUs, aimed at the urban denizen.

Perhaps more to the point, this does actually look like a step forward and one that will set the pace as small format DIY continues to gather momentum.

Pics: B&Q