Brewdog AF Takes the Pain Out of Drinking

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Feel like a beer but aware that it’s January when you’re not supposed to be drinking? One answer may be to head down to Brew Dog AF in London’s Old Street where what is claimed to be the world’s first alcohol-free beer bar has opened.

With 14 ‘brews’ on tap and surroundings that look remarkably like one of those fashionable post-industrial bars where a rough paint job and reclaimed materials are the order of the day, the Brewdog AF (alcohol free) bar could have you imagining that you are settling in for a long night. The fact of the matter is, however, that while this may be the case, you will also not regret choosing to do so when the next day dawns.

There may be something somewhat puritanical about all of this, but this does not mean that it won’t work. ‘Similar, but different’ is always a strong maxim by which to introduce novelty in retail and hospitality.