Britishness at a Continental Rail Terminus

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Fortnum & Mason is a British institution and one that attracts the tourist horde when it arrives in London in a manner that few other retailers can match. The only point is that until relatively recently there has only been the Piccadilly flagship (there is a branch in the City, but that is off the beaten track) as an option to meaningfully visit in order to stock up on some of the most beautifully packaged grocery items in the capital and perhaps to have a posh cup of tea and cake.

Since yesterday, however, this status quo has changed with the reopening of the small Fortnums outpost at St Pancras International, the rail terminus that is the gateway to the near Continent. Having more or less doubled in size and with a bar-cum-café being added to the attractions of the interior, this brick-vaulted store has almost become a destination in its own right and should do well in its job of attracting gift-seeking visitors heading for Paris bearing goodies for their hosts (as well as locals).

It also means that there are even more reasons for arriving early at St P prior to boarding a Eurostar.