B+Tube offers Gen Z shopping in Changsha

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Perforated steel with an iridescent finish, white Corian, grey brushed metal and sweeping curves and arches. That, in summary, is the materials and colour palette for the newly-opened B+Tube store in Changsha, the capital of the central Chinese province of Hunan.

This is in fact a 213 sq m single floor store that would prove hard to ignore and that perhaps is the idea as it is aimed at Generation Z, the demographic cohort composed largely of teenagers for whom something has to be pretty special in order to distract them from their mobile devices. B+Tube is a beauty and cosmetics store and at its heart are the brightly lit arches and quasi-tunnels formed of the perforated steel with multiple interactive screens in their middle.

The latter is about giving shoppers a reason to start using their phones to shop the shop and each of the screens can be activated using a phone via a QR code. On the grey perimeter, there is also a consultation area for one-on-one appointments.

All of which adds up to a good number of reasons for eyes to be raised from smartphone screens.