Burberry on London’s Sloane Street. A Flagship?

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A retail flagship is always interesting as it tends, of nothing else, to be bigger than others of its kind. It should also serve as an exemplar for others in a chain – this is as good as it gets.

The new Burberry store on London’s Sloane Street is certainly worth casting an eye over in terms of its design and the manner in which it has been merchandised, but at around 16,000 sq ft it is just over a third of the size of the label’s ‘global flagship’ it does not tick the ‘big’ box. That said, with marble liberally used across its four floors and with high gloss glass and mirrored surface display cubes, this is certainly an eye-opener.

It also makes good use of trompe l’oeil effects, including a signature Burberry trench coat that forms the lower part of an outsize pendant light.

All this and there is the building itself, which is a grand piece of London Victoriana, with all of the over-embellishment that this implies.

Perhaps size doesn’t matter quite as much as might be imagined when it comes to creating a true flagship.

Pictures: Burberry