Burberry pops up in St Moritz

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Given its reputation, you might expect any pop-up in St Moritz to be upscale and the opening of a temporary store from Burberry perhaps proves the point.

Appearances can be deceptive however and this store, which will be open until March, is lessons in luxury with a fitout that looks glam, but is actually relatively inexpensive.

The theme for the store is, unsurprisingly, Alpine and the silver treatment afforded to the windows and the displays is supposed to reflect the idea of snow and all things wintery. Within, there is a warm-looking fire, except that it has been created by a film of a few logs turning into carbon on a series of linked televisions of different sizes.

Couple all of this with pine flooring and you have a store that reflects its location in an abstracted manner, but which has also been relatively cheap to put together.

Not everything that glitters has to be gold as far as price is concerned.