Burberry Strips Out the Tech

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Burberry has been rebranding internationally, but if you want to see the effect that this is having at a local level, there are few better examples than its global flagship on London’s Regent Street.

When this store opened in 2012, it was an all-singing and dancing example of what might be done with digital in a store, featuring everything from multiple iPad mood-setting screens around the perimeter, to sharp-suited staff (all dressed in black, naturally), all of whom packed a tablet as part of their uniform.

Now following a store-wide makeover, which was completed last week, the great bulk of the shopper-facing tech has been swept away with all that remains being the massive high-resolution screen in the store’s atrium. There is an artwork/installation in place until the end of next month which takes digital images of shoppers and then carves parts of them into blocks of polystyrene, but once this is out of the way, this will be a distinctly old-world shop, from a customer perspective, at least.

Worth noting too is the minimalist visual merchandising, intended to ‘hero’ each of the products on display in a very sparing manner.