Burn Boot Camp | An Interview with Founder Devan Kline

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Burn Boot Camp founder, Devan Kline, has created a community of healthy, happy, and empowered people. Staying true to himself and his brand along with a lot of hard work, Burn Boot Camp has grown from 5 locations to over 350 in just a few short years.

The inspiration for Burn Boot Camp came from Devan’s baseball days, staying with host families while traveling the country. During his stay with various families, he observed that a lack of energy caused unhappiness. Inspired to give something back to his hosts, he began to teach the families a routine for taking care of their health.

“It was one of the most satisfying feelings to help someone achieve something they’ve wanted for so long. The addiction to that feeling led me to creating Burn Boot Camp.”

The brand is built on relationships stemming from a few core values- humility, empathy and optimism. Most importantly, Burn Boot Camp has never lost sight of who they are which has been a key success factor for the brand.

Burn Boot Camp is about much more than physical fitness and how you look, it’s about helping people be happy. “We believe that physical fitness is merely one element of ultimate happiness. The mental, emotional and spiritual fitness is being ignored at scale and our mission is to change that.” The ultimate goal is for clients and their families to live life in a happy healthy way.

“We are in the business of creating lasting changes.”

Burn Boot Camp aims to educate, empower and inspire people to educate, empower and inspire others by spreading what Burn Boot Camp stands for- creating health, happiness and longevity for yourself and those around you.

Burn Gear has played a role in unifying the Burn Boot Camp culture. “It’s like being a part of a team again. After growing up and being a part of teams, clubs and groups, we eventually lose that feeling. Burn Gear is the representation of a collective mission we all share together.” Devan revealed that there are big plans in the works for Burn Gear and that the brand is definitely considering their next athleisure move.

“Today’s economy is crazy with retail. You really have to build a story and brand around the offering to make it successful.”

Devan shared his thoughts on the athleisure style trend. “The fitness world is responsible for athleisure. The boom of studios in 2008-2009, made it cool to go to gyms with a group setting. Once Instagram came out you started seeing people document their lives hanging out in yoga pants and a tank top after their workouts. Now it’s evolved into a statement of who you are as a person.”

There are so many brands out there. Devan often sees his clients pairing their Burn Gear with some of the big players like Athleta or Nike but said that he also sees his clients working out in some of the smaller yet very popular brands seen on Instagram and Facebook. A personal favorite of Devan’s, Burn Gear aside, is LuLuLemon. He finds it classy and comfortable and loves that he can wear it not just in the gym but also to nicer places. “I think we will see more evolution of this in the coming years.”

Devan Kline is a man with a powerful goal- help people live happier lives. This is no easy feat but he always reminds himself to keep moving.

“Keep moving, enjoy the process and find fulfillment in the short term by seeking gratitude. That’s the formula!”

It will be exciting to see how Burn Boot Camp continues to positively affect its growing community and how Burn Gear evolves with that. We know one thing’s for sure, Burn Boot Camp will keep pushing forward and influencing the lives of those they come in contact with.

By: Sarah Elaine Rossi