Butchery Without the Blood in Islington

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Butchers, for those faint of heart, tend to be blood-spattered places in which large slabs of flesh taken from various animals are displayed, ready to be prepared into dishes for carnivores. And if all of this is too much for you, perhaps it’s time for a visit to ‘the UK’s first vegan butcher’.

There is something of a contradiction perhaps in the term, but this does not mean that ‘Rudy’s Vegan Butcher’, which opened last month, does not try to look like what shoppers will expect when they see the word ‘butcher’. Practically, this means a white-fronted store in Islington, in inner London, a tiled floor and white walls for the interior, as well as a glass chiller cabinet at the counter. All of which looks like a classical butcher (there are even pictures of farm animals on the walls, the difference being a strapline that states that ‘animals are friends, not food).

As far as products are concerned, for those who are interested, ‘Baycon’, pastrami and burger patties are all on offer, it’s just that they are plant-based.

Islington is a free-thinking, left-leaning part of the UK capital, but this sort of thing could win favour more generally.