Buy Today, Transform Tomorrow

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COVID-19 took over the world this year. Businesses found themselves in a sink or swim situation to which many responded by changing their output to products that would help us all navigate the surreal times.

Cosmetic and beverage manufacturers began producing hand sanitizers. Apparel manufacturers pumped out masks and PPE for front line workers. Many business had to think further outside their box to figure out how they too could contribute to a solution and stay afloat.

Production lines will go back to what they were intended for, or so we so desperately hope and these COVID “solutions” will no longer be necessity, at least in the capacity they’re needed now. This is where ALU is among a unique group of companies whose COVID offering doesn’t have to be rendered obsolete.

ALU is a name known in the retail and visual merchandising world for their modular fixtures. As a response to the global pandemic ALU created a line of sanitizing stations, social distancing que guides and sneeze shields to help business/offices from all sectors follow the new guidelines put in place by local government and keep their people safe.

While these solutions may continue to be used beyond this crisis, ALU’s solutions can be transformed for future use with the addition of some other accessories. Free standing or tensioned these stands can become a book shelf, easel, shelving unit or one of ALU’s many multipurpose modular fixtures.

In current times you might need one of these solutions. A select range of ALU hand sanitizing stations can be found on ALU’s new ecommerce site, as well as their line of multipurpose modular fixtures. Buy today and transform tomorrow.

With so many companies struggling this year, it’s refreshing to see companies like ALU adapting to the times but still looking to the future.

Photos by Sofia Fernandez Stenstrom