By Flagship Opens in Shanghai

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As a rule of thumb, the higher up the luxury ladder you go in retail the less product will be on display and the more space for ‘events’ there is likely to be. Certainly, to judge from the new store from Chinese online retailer By, which targets a very wealthy youth crowd, this is the case and to this can be added the sense of Manga(esque) comic weird.

For a first foray into bricks and mortar this is an ambitiously-sized enterprise and the store’s 820 sq m in the Soho Fuxing Plaza is notable for the use of dark glass, backlit translucent membranes (which form the setting for a small army of nightmarish teddy bears in garish colours) and a strong sense of the geometric.

The design is the work of local architectural practice Spaceman and if there is one thing from a product perspective that will strike a familiar note with western skate-culture shoppers, it is the in-store presence of Supreme; there is even an inflatable raft bearing the skate brand’s logo.

As for the event space. It is formed of 600 used shipping palettes that can be arranged into a seating and display area as required.