Byredo Lands on the West Coast

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Swedish luxury brand Byredo has opened its first store on the US West Coast, in Los Angeles’ West Hollywood. It’s a measure of how if you wait long enough, what might have seemed yesterday’s architecture gradually gains a patina of heritage and this is the case with this 1500 sq ft store, which was originally built in the early 70s.

The store interior design is the work of Swedish architect Christian Halleröd and uses a wide range of materials to add drama to what is a long, glazed frontage in which the stock almost plays second fiddle to the store design. The color anodized and high polished aluminum cabinet sections and counters are provided by ALU –an Italian retail solutions provider-, conjugating the simplicity and functionality of aluminum systems with the high-quality features of the brand’s products.

It is the light that lifts the generally workaday palette (with the exception of a couple of mid-shop primary-coloured fixtures) and creates of this interior something that is quite close to being a piece of neo-brutalism, softened by an exterior window box of succulents just below the glassline.

In terms of making a statement, this looks like a case of best food forward for Byredo.