Caesar’s Palace for b8ta

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Renting merchandise is one of those things that retailers see as the way forward when it comes to seeking alternative revenue streams currently, but what about renting space in the shop itself? For the most part, this is the preserve of department stores and when this happens it’s usually referred as a concession. 

On a smaller scale, however, it’s relatively unusual and so the success of online-turned-offline US retailer b8ta is noteworthy. b8ta sells gadgets, most of them electronic, and the latest store to welcome shoppers is the Caesar’s Palace branch, which has just opened in Las Vegas.

This is a dark ash plank-walled and plain wood mid-shop table affair and alongside each of the roughly 80 products on display, ranging from a one-wheeled electric skateboard to a ‘vagina gym’, there is a tablet providing details of the item being looked at. All of the devices on show are from companies that have rented the space and there is a waiting list.

As well as looking of the moment, there is much to be said for this as a means of having something different for shoppers every time they return to the store.