Calvin Klein Strikes a Balance in Paris

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How low-key can a store be without compromising its purpose? The aim of any shop is sell and there have been occasions recently when it is the store interiors, rather than the stock, that wow and which leave what is on display looking a little eclipsed.

In terms of striking a balance, however, the newly opened Calvin Klein flagship, in Paris’ modish Marais district, is an object lesson in doing the right thing. Here, a plain stone frontage is complimented by a neutral interior, with beige walls and a grey ceiling and carpet. The point is that it is actually brightly lit, meaning that the store does not fade into insignificance and the stock shines.

It is also worth noting that while all is quiet in the shopfit front, the fitting rooms do make a remarkable shout. These are fronted by a high gloss, mirror-like surface which directs the eye to a Prussian blue interior. The contrast is striking.

Calvin Klein has always had arresting shops and this one is no exception.