Camp Shop on Dallas Hill

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Toy shops generally claim to be repositories of experience but many signally fail in this respect. This claim cannot be leveled at experience-led store Camp, which has just opened a store in Dallas, following its launch in early 2019 on New York’s Fifth Avenue.

This is a 13,000 sq ft affair in The Hill mall and those walking through its door will be confronted by what is, to all intents and purposes, a US summer camp that happens to be indoors and in the winter. This is, in fact just part of the proposition, with a bookshop-in-shop, a camp-fire-style arena and a wood-panelled gift area, among other things.

As adults are likely to be part of the audience, there are also kitchenwares and cookbooks, all giving this interior a distinctly folksy, wholesome feel that is likely to find a broad appeal in this part of the world.