Camper Reused in Malaga

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Ever walked into a warehouse and quite liked what you’ve seen? This feeling has been leveraged by Spanish designer Jorge Penadés as the informing idea behind a newly opened store in Malaga’s McArthurglen Designer Outlet.

The store is, first and foremost, about reusing existing materials and the prefabricated nature of both the perimeter and mid-shop equipment, coupled with a bold use of colour, makes this an interesting interior. The fitout is in fact almost wholly the outcome of repurposing equipment taken from a Camper warehouse in Mallorca where disused furniture from the brand’s shops is stored.

This is both simple and engaging and it’s perhaps worth considering how many retailers have this kind of facility at hand, waiting to be raided. It also has pretty obvious benefits as far as cost is concerned.

The store is temporarily closed following the Covid-19 outbreak.