Centrepoint’s Dubai Store of the Future

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Centrepoint, the department store chain owned by Landmark Group, has opened a ‘store of the future’ in Dubai’s Ibn Battuta shopping centre with a design from Dalziel & Pow.

The new store is aimed at being a Centrepoint branded house, rather than a house of brands, and as well as the Centrepoint offer, it brings together a number of the Landmark Group brands under the same roof, among them, Shoemart, Lifestyle and Splash.

This is a store with a large, circular interior, aimed at promoting cross-shopping with shoppers being taken on a journey around the whole of the store by the architecture. And at the heart of the store is The Edit, a hub with a rolling programme of products curated by Centrepoint.

The inevitable hospitality element is also at hand with a coffee station and for those with easily bored offspring, there is a toy deparment, part of ‘Babyshop’, towards the back of the shop.

This is the 145th Centrepoint store. The brand trades in seven countries.