Chanel Factory 5 Pops Up in Paris

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Factories are places in which things are made. Beauty stores are places in which a product is elaborated and may even be improved, depending on your view of such things. But what happens if you put the two together?

The answer, according to Chanel, is Chanel Factory 5, a pop-up intended to remind shoppers of both the scent that is at the core of the brand and a structure in which fabrication takes place. Well, maybe and it does make assumptions about what a factory should look like, but what this temporary store does do is mark the perfume’s 100th birthday in a manner that is more Andy Warhol than traditional perfumer.

It is located on Paris’ Rue Columbine and a combination of industrial-style mid-shop pieces of equipment and a non-glam glam, but arresting, graphics package does most of the work. It also, once again, reinvents the idea that underpins a beauty sector icon, making it relevant for a new tranche of shoppers.

Pics: Chanel