Chanel Opens a Montreal Shop-in-shop

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Long, clean views through the space with lighting arranged overhead in road-like lines to ensure the eye sweeps the length of this interior all point to a luxury operator where freedom to move and spare merchandising are the order of the day.

The upscale palette of materials, wood, textured ‘moongold’ plaster and steel confirms the view. This is the newly opened Chanel shop-in-a-shop in Montreal. The 310 sq m two-floor store, which has its own street-facing windows, is in fact contained in the recently reopened Holt Renfrew Ogilvy department store and is the work of designer-to-the-luxury brands, Peter Marino.

Downstairs the store is about accessories, while upstairs, as in other locations, the view is supposed to remind the onlooker of Coco Chanel’s apartment in Paris.

The point about what has been done here is that the store is exactly what is appears to be: a brand haven in a luxury department store for those who are fans of a very specific style and a location that takes the shopper away from the rest of the store.