Chloé Flagship Shines in Cheongdam

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As one of the world’s luxury and fashion hotspots currently, you’d expect the newly opened Chloé flagship in Seoul to be something special and it does not disappoint. Occupying two floors of a marble-fronted six-floor building in the city’s upscale Cheongdam district, the 386 sq m store is an exercise in demonstrating the power of beige/peach and subdued lighting, coupled with large amounts of empty space to promote a feminine and upscale ambiance.

Much of the mid-shop fixturing is curved, giving a softer feel to the store and there is a VIP shopping area on the upper level, which is also where vintage furniture is used to add to the sense of an interior where money and design are something of a given.

The exterior is eyecatching, if only because the floor to ceiling glazed windows are the only element that interrupts the smooth frontage, affording the façade a particular prominence.

Cheongdam is an upscale part of the South Korean capital and one that has succeeded in attracting large numbers of luxury brands.