Climbing Aboard the Douglas Beauty Bus

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How do you launch an online service effectively? The answer, increasingly, for many is to start offline and work back towards the virtual. Perhaps with this in mind, German health and beauty retailer Douglas has debuted its Beauty Booking service, only available online, via a physical entity: a double decker bus.

The retailer has in fact taken the roof off the vehicle raised it and turned it into a salon in which a range of beauty treatments are offered, alongside the option to book something of the kind at any of its stores. This is, in effect going offline, to promote an online service which in turn happens offline and as an example of the kind of fluidity that the best retailers now offer this is about as good as it gets.

The bus is in fact a pop-up that finishes a tour of duty in Dusseldorf’s Schadowplatz this evening and as an introduction to something different and an extention of what Douglas does, this looks slick.