Clouds Descend on Netto in Horsens

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One of the things that has become apparent in retail over the past few months is the rise and rise of stores that do their bit to help with the environment and to combat climate change in consequence.

Netto, the Danish price-conscious supermarket, has been busy in this respect. Back at the end of last year it opened a new look store in Horsens on the country’s east coast. The store played with local vernacular architecture to good effect using sustainable timber and natural daylight to create a store that costs no more than a standard Netto branch, but which is better all round for emissions, pollution and suchlike.

Now it has taken this store and added clouds to it. The clouds in question are on graphics and they are positioned around the store above products that have lower environmental impact. The idea is that customers can be guided to make informed choices when shopping.

It’s a simple idea, but one that holds considerable weight as far as making a difference is concerned.