Coach Pops Up to Show Off Its History

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Fashion house Coach has launched a pop-up in Singapore called ‘Tomorrow’s Vintage’. Bathed throughout in a vivid cornfield yellow, the underlying idea of this one is to celebrate the brand’s 80th birthday and to this end there are used tiles on the floor, mid-century pieces of furniture in the mid-shop and around the perimeter and Coach bags of yesteryear that have been recreated for the event.

There is also, of course, a personalisation element to the shop with an in-store customisation station manned by Singaporean artist Tiffany Lovage and embroiderer Zoey Wong.

The store itself will only exist until September 12th, but since opening it has already been attracting a fair amount of customer and media attention. As a vehicle for reminding visitors of the history of this brand, this look effective and it does offer strong standout from its neighbours.

Pics: Coach