Coffee Makes Its Mark in Selfridges

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Statement-making is the business of a good department stores these days and few manage to do this better than Selfridges at its London flagship. The latest example of this can be found in the store’s showpiece window at the south-west end of the building. Here, a yellow metal slide has been installed as part of the temporary residence of New Ground Coffee, an Oxford-based indie coffee outfit.


The point about the slide is that it doesn’t really have a point, other than for those who want to climb its ladder and whizz down while clutching a mocha, but it does make passers-by stop and stare. The coffee shop itself is appropriately ‘cool’ with black clad baristas preparing caffeine-laced infusions behind a minimalist counter.

Coffee and outposts dispensing the stuff remain very much on trend in London currently, but this one does rather take the brown stuff to a new level. And it’s an ethical enterprise as well. The staff are ex-offenders and coffee cups used in-store are recycled into Selfridges yellow bags.