Coffee on the Go from Costa

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Hospitality from a van isn’t unusual as anybody who has followed and then queued for an ice cream will easily recall. Yet for the most part these tend to be one-off affairs with owner-operators at the wheel.

They have the obvious advantage of being able to get to where customers are likely to be, whether it’s a music festival or a busy park on a sunny day. With this in mind, perhaps, coffee giant Costa has just launched the first of what it hopes will be a number of mobile ‘stores’, aimed at picking up passing trade.

The point about what has been done, however, is that to all intents and purposes this is a real Costa branch, rather than a van with a vat of caffeine. On board this one there is a full-size coffee machine of the kind that will be operated by a barista in a coffee shop and if you want one of the more esoteric chilled coffee drinks, these are available too.

The launch is in and around Oxford, but expect more.

Pics: Costa