Colorful Standard Keeps it Simple in Antwerp

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Danish fashion brand and retailer, Colorful Standard, has made its Belgian debut with a store in the country’s fashion capital: Antwerp.

A little like its sister store on London’s Regent Street, this shop is all about the stock. And if that sounds like something of a statement of the obvious, it is made because the store itself is allowed to fade into the background in a very gentle manner.

This is effected though the use of a soft pastel palette, coupled with plain white, meaning that the merchandise is given the opportunity to live up to the brand name. The same, to a large degree, is also true of the store equipment. There is nothing flashy about it, with a simplicity that means everything is very quickly located and viewed.

As a brand, Colorful Standard has many touchpoints in host stores across Europe, but it is when it appears in standalone monobrand stores that it really comes into its own.

Pics: Colorful Standard