Conran Shop arrives in Gangnam

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Anybody in London involved in the business of making a domestic interior look just so and not worrying about the budget will probably have made the trek to the Conran Shop at some point, whether in Marylebone or over in West London. 

Getting a taste of what the brand means has been difficult if you’re elsewhere (although a handful of Conran Shops trade in Japan), but now a two-floor store has just opened in Seoul, somewhat predictably in Gangnam. The shop is in a former car park and is next door to a Lotte department store.

As might perhaps be expected, many of the trappings that mark out the space as a car park have been retained, but given a smooth patina with highlight colours including a cobalt blue escalator that takes shoppers up from the ground to first floor. And when it comes to displaying products, long plinths have been placed in the mid-shop.

Room is also made, of course, for the iconic freestanding Conran chair shelf (much copied over the years), which extends along part of the length of the first floor.

In a city where a heavy premium is placed on design of all types, this one should find favour.