Contemporary, Yet Organic: Quattropassi al Pescatore

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Sardinia is an absolute gem that lies off the west coast of Italy in the Mediterranean Sea. From the culture to the food, Sardinia has it all to offer its visitors an unforgettable experience. However next time, the thing that you remember most may be a visit to the Quattropassi al Pescatore, a renowned seafood restaurant on the breathtaking Costa Smeralda.

Redesigned by London-based Food & Beverage Design Studio, Blacksheep, Quattropassi al Pescatore welcomes its clients within Sardinia’s iconic Hotel Cervo where four other spaces will also be updated by the same studio. The new concept of the restaurant easily convinces us this is a living space celebrating Sardinia’s distinct nature. The intimate connection to the nature can be seen through the dressing of the space from terracotta tiles to timber banquettes

The interiors have been reimagined with sinuous travertine blocks, creating a new bar, fish counter and a host desk. Also the DJ booth is composed of travertine stones. Its wide use is an example of the organic architecture by Blacksheep to resonate with Sardinia’s landscape. Also the terrace of the restaurant offers memorable sunsets over the Tyrrhenian Sea and rear gardens replanted with local Sardinian herbs are definite signs that Quattropassi al Pescatore is capable of being the highlight of your next Sardinia trip.