Convenience Cannabis in Toronto

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A drugstore that sells drugs? The occasional European confusion about the meaning of a North American ‘drugstore’ (to be clear, a shop that sells anything from vitamin pills to petfood…) is thrown into sharp relief by the opening of a store in Toronto that looks like a retro convenience store, but which is actually in the business of selling cannabis-infused food and drinks, as well as ‘pre-rolls’.

This is Superette, a Toronto-based retailer of cannabis (this has been legal in Canada since 2018), which takes the idea of recreational drugs and plays with the idea of a throw-back interior with a bright yellow, red and white colour palette, similar in some ways to that used by McDonald’s. Located in Toronto’s inner-city Trinity-Bellwoods neighbourhood, this one measures just 690 sq ft and it seems probable that the majority of its potential customers will not have been around when corner shops/drugstores of this kind were reasonably commonplace.

It is also a good example of the power of nostalgia when it comes to creating something new.

Pics: Alex Lyakowski