Cos Makes Greek Landfall

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Although it’s a capital city, it’s not often that Athens makes the headlines when it comes to retail. The arrival of H&M-owned upscale Scandi design-led brand, Cos, in the sprawling metropolis is certainly worth a note, however.

Located in the Golden Hall mall, this is a 386 sq m shop where there is a heavy emphasis on neutral tones and natural materials. Practically this means clay walls, recyclable aluminium finishes and display tables fashioned from  non-toxic materials by the Paper Factor. The furniture is the handiwork of Greek designers Eleni Petaloti and Leonidas Trampo and British-born Ghanaian designer Kusheda Meshah.

And like the best brand work of its kind, this is a store that is recognizably from the Cos stable, but which also has its own sense of personality and location. As well as being new to Athens, this is the first Cos store in Greece.

Pictures: Cos