Cremona’s Bershka Experience

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The new and relatively small Bershka store in the north Italian city of Cremona is much like many others apart from the fact that it is a tech-loaded outpost where shoppers can choose whether they shop virtually or in a good old-fashioned physical manner.

Shoppers heading into this 667 sq m space are encouraged to download the Bershka Experience app. Once done, customers can scan each of the garments on view and they are added to a virtual shopping basket in preparation either for being tried on or checked out virtually and send to the purchaser’s home.

For those opting to head for the fitting room having used the app, the order in the appropriate size has already been prepared for trying on. And having made a selection, there is also a ‘social corner’, being a kaleidoscope tunnel where customers can take a video or photos to share on their social media.

All in all, this is about melding the real and virtual and it shows the direction of travel that is being taken by Inditex across its various fascias, including Zara.