Culto Will Engage When Lockdown Comes to an End

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Opened in January, at a point when Coronavirus was, for most people, something that they knew was causing problems in China, but the pandemic onslaught was yet to become apparent, the Culto coffee shop will probably prove very popular when we all begin to venture out once again.

The café is in a 1930s building that had lain empty for some years with the inevitable interior deterioration that this entailed. Local architects Taller Capitan took this as the starting point for working on the 63 sq m interior, choosing to leave large parts of the walls as they were and then contrasting this with emerald green walls behind the servery and yellow zinc highlights on some of the furniture.

The outcome is a blend of ornate 1930s architecture with a very modern take on the business of drinking coffee. The term ‘industrial’ might readily be applied to what has been done, but this is rather more than that with Culto being inviting in a highly unusual and distinctive manner.