Cybex Makes More of Parent and Baby Shopping

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Sometimes, pure product just isn’t enough to get shoppers’ attention. There are items that many might consider a little mundane and getting potential customers through the door may be a mild struggle. This is probably the case with parent and baby stores, which tend to be destinations where needs are fulfilled and that’s about it.

For Cybex, the child safety seat, stroller and pram brand based in Bayreuth, Bavaria, this is certainly not the case if its first European flagship store, which has just opened in Prague, is anything to judge by.

This interior has more of the sense of a catwalk than a mum, dad and junior outpost and this is achieved through a mix of floral graphics, lighting which creates hero spaces and a layout which is not about serried ranks of equipment. All of which means that a visit to Cybex is not a low-cost event and this is a store that targets the better-heeled.

That said, it does make buying what needs to be bought much less of a chore than might otherwise be the case. Oh yes, and the product is anything but mundane.