Dan Murphy’s Opens a South Melbourne Flagship

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The business of selling alcohol tends to be pretty polarising. At one end are the posh wine merchants with lots of wood and bottles organised in a manner that assumes the customer will buy by the case, rather than the bottle, and at the other are the high street off-licences, places where price really matters and which generally look a little functional.

Supermarkets are somewhere between the two, unless you happen to be an alcohol supermarket (or an outsize off-licence) as is the case with Australian retailer Dan Murphy’s, which has just opened a new look outpost in South Melbourne

With everything from perimeter floor-to-ceiling chillers displaying a multitude of beers with signage above them in cool blue neon, to the ‘Wine Merchant’s Corner’, a semi-discrete affair for those who do posh, this is about offering experience when buying your favourite tipple, without breaking the bank. The latter point is reinforced by a screen informing shoppers of Dan Murphy’s ‘Lowest Liquor Price Guarantee’.

Overall, the message seems to be ‘slow down, enjoy and learn’.

Pictures courtesy of Twelve Studio and Dan Murphy’s .