Designing Exportable Workplace Concepts

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Telecon is a team of engineers and technicians which has evolved into a leading provider of telecommunications network infrastructure services across Canada. Coinciding with their 50th anniversary in 2017, Telecon underwent a cultural reset with the intention to solidify its brand image as Canada-wide leaders in the telecommunications industry. 

Photo credit: Ray Van Dusen

One of the signature advantages of this building was the amount of natural light that fills the entire space, not only from the skylight above but also from the full floor to ceiling windows along the perimeter. The open atrium space naturally became the center point of the office, which guided the concept. The sculptural wooden element envelops the existing central staircase, its shape creates opportunities for informal meetings, guest seating and company announcements.

Imperatori Design was tasked with creating a pilot project for their Montreal headquarters, with the challenge to create an environment that would foster a sense of community and belonging as well as attract the best talent. The journey began with Telecon’s captivation with a historic Mile End warehouse — previously used as a lighting warehouse — where Telecon entrusted us to meet the challenge of transforming this vast space into their new work environment, which would promote a collaborative, innovative culture and reinforce their brand image.

In this scenario the freestanding “Pod” forms are designed as a transition piece between the open workspace to the shared spaces for the users entering the office.

An additional mandate beyond the design of their Montreal offices was to create an “exportable” workplace environment concept— adaptable to a variety of buildings for their new locations across Canada. While the environments needed to reflect the local geographical and cultural differences and work habits, they also needed to reflect key aesthetics and workplace solutions established in Montreal, as well as promote the same sense of belonging and community, which they wanted to be unmistakably Telecon.