D&G Throws Caution to the Wind in Seoul

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If you cast your mind back to the 1970s or 80s, you’ll probably remember endless concrete multi-story car parks with spiral ramps that took you up and up and up, to wherever a parking space happened to be.

Something of the kind, perhaps, has informed the design of the newly-opened Dolce & Gabbana flagship in Seoul. This is in fact a five-storey glass cylinder contained by four massive black marble-covered corner blocks: hence the car-park analogy. It’s a show-offy piece of architecture and the use of polished mango wood for large parts of the interior, coupled with small tiles that look like a mosaic, make this a thing of intricate beauty.

At the top of the shop, there’s a lounge and (when the weather warms up, it’s cold in Seoul at this time of year) terrace, to enjoy views across the city.

This is luxury retail throwing caution to the wind and coming up with something that is a long way distant from the sector norm.