Diesel Hub Opens in Shanghai

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Shanghai is a very long way from Diesel’s North Italian home, yet it is here that the upscale jeans brand has chosen to open its first eponymously named Diesel Hub.

This is a 900 sq m shop in one of the Chinese megalopolis’ more aspirational areas and at its heart there is an eatery: the Brave Bar. At 240 sq m, this occupies more than a quarter of the store’s floor space and is a measure of the importance Diesel attaches to hospitality as part of its retail mix (the concept is set to be exported to future flagships later this year) looking ahead.

The bar itself has a bright red base, in keeping with the brand’s logo, while the upper portion of this island-style feature is composed of translucent glass that has been backlit, meaning that bottles and glasses appear as shadows of themselves.

Around the bar area are a variety of chairs and tables and menus and drinks have been created to accord with Diesel’s image, according to the brand.

There are, of course, jeans and casual items for sale as well…