Dining in Louis Vuitton Splendor

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A good-looking bar and/or restaurant goes a long way towards turning a store into a ‘destination’ and it’s the basis on which many department stores operate.

In designerland, the same is true, but there are probably fewer examples, simply owing to the cost and probable return as most stores of the kind are in very high rent locations. The new Louis Vuitton store in Osaka, which opens tomorrow, shows, however, what is possible.

This is a four-floor outpost for the French luxury brand with an exterior intended to remind onlookers of a sailing ship and referencing Osaka’s status as a maritime city. And inside, there will be much that is familiar to Louis Vuitton fans, with artworks and highly polished fixtures being everywhere.

It is on the top floor, however, that things shift somewhat with a café, Le Café V, and a small restaurant, accessed via a ‘speakeasy door’ where diners can eat in splendor and relative privacy.

This is a first for Louis Vuitton and it seems probable it will not be the last.