Dior on a D.C. Roll

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One of the themes in retail at the moment is that if people are unable to come to one of your stores, take your offer to the people. With this in mind, in Washington D.C. Dior has unveiled a pop-up consisting of two connected metal pods (looking a little like a swish Airstream mobile home) with the luxury brand’s logo emblazoned along the side.

The mobile ‘store’, a temporary thing that will appear in different US cities over the course of this year, is principally about boosting Dior’s menswear credentials and in Washington D.C. the enterprise is given additional ‘wow’ by a shiny female sculpture created by Hajime Sorayama, positioned next to the pop-up and looking remarkably Jeff Koons-like.

The real point perhaps about all of this is that Dior is a very grand brand with real heritage behind it, yet it is trying something in this instance that might be more usually associated with an upscale skate brand perhaps. At the moment, Luxury, is not above looking at how things might be done differently in exactly the same manner as every other part of retail.